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Consultations are a great way to get started, whether you are familiar to the industry or just starting out, and they are currently free. During your visit, we can get a feel for what it is you are looking for, how we can help, what your budget is and how we quote each project. If we feel we aren't the right business for your needs, we can recommend you to other people who may have what you are looking for. The meeting generally lasts an hour.

During your visit, we recommend to bring the following items to better explain your visions or projects. If you're starting from scratch or don't understand what to bring, don't worry about it and just bring yourself and your ideas. We can help you better understand the process once you arrive.

  • Any sketches (digital or by hand) you may have of your ideas
  • Tear sheets (pages form magazines, books, pictures etc of your inspiration)
  • Any physical samples of clothing relevant to your vision
  • Swatches of fabric you like to be incorporated into your project
  • Spec sheets or tech packs you may already have (if applicable to you)