pattern making

Pattern making is the process of drafting measurements and design details to form a properly fitting garment or other item. Pattern making can be approached several ways. Sometimes clients like to bring in a favorite garment and have it copied and altered to better fit their needs. This is the easiest and most cost effective way to start a design. As it doesn't require the full process of drafting then testing the garment, it has already been proven to fit (if it did indeed for you). End results come much faster.

Other clients like to start from scratch, based on their very own measurements and draft a completely custom pattern. This is more of an organic approach to pattern and design as it does not model itself from an existing garment. This is a more detailed approach to pattern making. It takes longer and costs a little more, but it comes out just for you or your clients, and is useful in garments made particularly for you and your demographic. It also addresses certain issues you may find often in buying RTW (Ready-To-Wear) from stores.

Some manufacturers require that you have a master pattern that has been graded to start production. Sometimes they just require a sample of your actual product to produce from. Speak with your manufacturer or factory first to see what it is they require.

We can also fix and adjust other patterns you may already have. Store bought patterns are too generic and almost never fit right. We can take store bought patterns and adjust them for a better fit to you. NEVER TRUST THE SIZES OF PATTERNS!! In our experience, they are hardly ever accurate and can make for some very disappointing outcomes.

Pattern making and drafting is $1.25 per minute with a 2 hour minimum. Once perfected, the patterns are transferred to oaktag paper, used in factories and is sometimes a requirement. Oaktag transfers are about $40 per style. The oaktag comes with a special pattern hanger.