spec sheets / tech packs

A spec sheet is generally the starting point of your ideas. Often created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (or comparable programs), it is the basis of instruction supplied to factories or manufacturers. They are usually supplied within the tech pack. A basic spec sheet shows the front and back drawing of a garment accompanied by POM (Points of Measurements) displaying the dimensions of the garment. Additionally it also explains threads and trims used, special placements, and notes. Spec sheets start at $30 for a simple front and back. Incorporating your actual fabrics and colors start the specs at $40 per.


A tech pack is a sort of instruction booklet for some factories and manufacturers. It contains spec sheets, drawings, swatches and color story pages, grading pages (how each size grows or shrinks) and other pertinent information used to reduce problems or miscommunication during the production process. Tech pack prices vary with each line, and can be slimmed down to fit budgets.

Not all factories and manufacturers require spec sheets or tech packs. It is best to ask your manufacturer, factory or seamstress how they work.